Piercing appointments are available at Studiotrap with our piercing technician. Whilst we do cater for walk-ins where we can, it’s always best to drop the studio a call first to book in as we can get very busy!

Piercings currently run Wednesday – Sundays

We pierce most ages!
Lobes-5+/ general piercing 14+/dermal or Surface 18+
You must be 16+ to get a piercing without a parent, please bring ID!

Under no circumstance do we or any professional piercer use piercing guns!
Why? Because a) longer healing time due to force. b) Jewellery used is too short for swelling. c) butterfly jewellery used is too thin for human tissue leading to irritation, possibility of keloids and slits through long term wear! d) There is a misconception that gun piercings are less painful when in reality this is not true!

Ear Piercing

Lobe £15 or Pair £25

Second lobe and up £25 or Pair £35

Helix £35

Forward Helix £35

Tragus £35

Anti Tragus £35

Rook £35

Daith £35

Snug £35

Conch £35

Industrial £40

Intimate Piercing

Navel £35
Nipple £35 pair £60
Genital £ask at reception

Facial and Oral Piercing

Eyebrow £35

Bridge £40

Nostril £30

Septum £40

Lip £35

Dalhia £55

Tongue £40

Smiley £30

Web tongue £35

Body Piercing

Surface £45

(price may change dependent on placement)

Micro Dermal £45

Piercing change or removal £5
Microdermal removal £5

We pierce using cannula needles because they are less painful for the customer but do also sometimes use freehand needles depending on the placement. A cannula, or catheter, needle is encased in removable plastic tubing. The cannula makes the piercing hole like other piercing needles, but the plastic tubing remains in the piercing hole. After removing the needle from the tubing, the piercer uses sterile scissors to cut away the hub section of the tubing. The piercer then inserts jewellery into the plastic tubing and pulls it through the piercing.

Basic jewellery is included in the piercing price

We offer, with an additional cost, a wide selection of Swarovski Crystal and real stone jewellery made in ASTM F136 implant-grade titanium.